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Speaker Cables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 55656 Lfd Audio 4m Reference Silver ...  £2373.00 
A custom length of LFD Audio Reference Silver BiWire speaker cable with extra cost gold plated solid copper spade connection option. Solid silver multi diameter solid core construction. Sounds similar...

 ID 55638 Audioquest Cv-8 Spades Pair Or...  £350 
Here I have for sale 1 pair of cv-8 speaker cables. - i have 1 pair of Spade and enother pair of Bananas in all the ends. I am selling them because I already bought 4 pairs of them and paid a lot o...

 ID 55619 Russ Andrews Kimber 8vs  £105.00 
All pairs in Mint condition. I have 6, lengths of 3.5 metre ( ie 3 pairs) bought from Russ Andrews when tri- amping my Linn Kaber speakers. I had the cables terminated and fitted with RA SBan plugs...

 ID 55597 Xlo Pro  £150 
3m pair of XLO Pro loudspeaker cables. Mint/unused condition. Super sound quality and construction. High quality banana plugs at one end, bare wire at other end. I can attach plugs at this end if nece...

 ID 55560 Van Den Hul Cs - 122  £50 
2.75 m pair.banana terminated.very balanced sounding cable.thanks

 ID 55510 Black Rhodium Samba  £185 
Rhodium locking banana plugs all round. 3 metre pair. New price £480 with these terminations. Pickup; or post (£10 uk main). Post to Europe in EU Asking £270 ex-dem on Ebay!

 ID 55426 Transparent Audio Reference 8f...  £2990 
Needs no introduction!

 ID 55376 Audioquest Gibralter 2m Speake...  £590 
Spades both ends

 ID 55367 Kondo Operia Sps-2.7 Silver Ju...  £1299.00 
Kondo SPs-2.7 Silver Jumper Spade to Spade As New Unused

 ID 55258 Vertex Aq Mini Moncayo Hi Rez ...  £495 
Manufactured in 2013,supplied with certificate of authenticity. Best jumper leads I have used,worked great with Martin Logan summit speakers which are also for sale.Selling whole system. Any questio...

 ID 55193 Nordost Red Dawn Ls Speaker Ca...  £490 
Nordost Red Dawn LS Speaker cables 2m - Ex demo RRP: £850 Banana-banana terminations, Original box, "As new" condition, Sr. 79389. Nordost's original Flatline loudspeaker cable...

 ID 55131 Chord Odyssey And Rumor  £35 
I have some short lengths of Chord Odyssey and Rumor speaker cables and will make up custom Jumper Leads to your individual needs, I use high quality gold plated banana and spade plugs, contact me for...

 ID 55128 Xlo Pro  £150 
I have a brand new and unused 3 metre pair of these exceptional speaker cables,factory terminated with spade connectors at both ends. I can change these to Banana or Deltec if needed. Available for ...

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