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Floor Standing Speakers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 56650 Kef Reference One-two  £350.00 
Owned from new and kept in showroom condition. Black Ash Wood Veneer cabinets Immaculate and Stunning Sound Moving house forces sale Any questions please ask

 ID 56629 Acoustic Research Lst  £1350 
AT-LST with no tweeters AR original stands the only ones available ever 100W/4 ohms project

 ID 56627 Sony Apm-33 Es  £850 
First class 1986 ES APM speakers /80-160W:6ohms in perfect condition Original Brochure Original Sony WS -E70 stands Very rare items

 ID 56626 Sony Ss-m3es  £575 
Very rare 120W/8ohms speakers in superb condition. cheaper than in Ebay

 ID 56625 Sony Ss-m7  £2000 
Superb Sony ES 1995 speakers.USA made Solid Delux ultra-Modern designed 200W-8ohms with original stands

 ID 56623 Sony Apm-33 Foam Surrounds Ki...  £35 
Sony original Surrounds foam KIT.Suprime quality pack of two foams New items

 ID 56622 Sony Apm-66mii  £1350 
Superb 200W/6 ohms speakers ,original WA-600 stands

 ID 56610 Allison Three  £350 
Beautiful Allison Three's in great condition. Virtually unmarked Walnut - well I cannot see anything and only give them a 8/10 due ti their age not condition really. The Drivers were replaced two ...

 ID 56606 Wilson Audio Sophia 2  £5990 
Need no introduction. With original crates

 ID 56593 Avalon Transcendent Mki  £11990 
It’s an obvious comparison to draw and end up calling the Transcendent something like the ‘tiny Time’ in the process. It does so much of what the Time loudspeakers do in terms of nat...

 ID 56578 Wilson Audio Watt Puppy System...  £4750 
Just reconditioned with new grilles and front damping foam

 ID 56576 Focal Jmlab Maestro Utopia Iii...  £14990 
Mint condition complete with original crates, manual and accessories, piano black

 ID 56568 Audiomachina Crm & Crs  £13990 
As new, x-dem stunning loudspeaker system

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