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Power Cables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 55745 Furutech Alpha 3  £375 
3 meter length of this great cable .With FL 1363 rhodium uk plug and FL 32 high current rhodium iec .Used to wonderful effect on my krell power amp which is now sold.Purchased from Analogue Seduction....

 ID 55727 Cardas Clear Beyond Power 2m  £850 
Cardas Clear Beyond power cable 2m. Superb cable with original certificate. I have 2 available. Located in south Nottingham, any questions welcome

 ID 55637 Wireworld Wireworld Silver Ele...  £800 
The product is Brand new and never used before! I am selling my - WIREWORLD SILVER ELECTRA 7 POWER CABLE in3 Meter long with the best plugs ever assembled on the both sides - OCC silver - It has OCC...

 ID 55529 Ps Audio Xstream Power Stateme...  £130 
3x available - PS Audio xStream Power Statement cable (2m). They are original US power cables with US Nema plugs (no fuse). I have original boxes for 2 of these cables for shipping. Happy to sell all ...

 ID 55527 Jps The Power Ac+  £225 
One at 2m length available. Comes in the Original Box - £225 plus shipping/fees. JPS make some of the best power cables around and these AC+ are extremely good and beyond their price point perfo...

 ID 55371 Kondo Ksl Acc Spc  £275 
2m Furutech FI-E11-N1(G) Gold Schuko Plug Furutech FI-11-N1(Ag) Silver IEC Connector

 ID 55370 Lat International Ac-2  £39 
LAT International AC-2 Mains Power Cable 60cm A very decent 'budget' cable. 2 available.

 ID 55281 Audio Tekne X  £200.00 
The original type of power cable from Audio Tekne Japan which is woven. Three cables available each 0.85m fitted with Oyaide P-046 connectors. Payment in UK£200 each. Please email only, I do ...

 ID 55168 Furutech Flux-50   
Furutech Flux-50 either standard or NCF model wanted. Please email me with details. Many thanks.

 ID 55017 Furutech Alpha 3  £330 
Information about Furutech Power Cables I have two Furutech Power Cables for sale, both in mint condition and currently still in use. Both are constructed from Furutech Alpha 3, 4sq mm cable...

 ID 54942 Silent Wire Referenz  €3000 
This sale is for two(2) power cables of 2.5m length each one. MSRP for just one is €3000 therefore this is at 50%off!!

 ID 54939 Silent Wire Ac 38 1,5m  €2000 
This sale is for two(2) power cables of 1,5m length each. MSRP for each one is €2000 so this offer is at 50% off!!

 ID 54937 Silent Wire Referenz  €2000 
This sale is for two(2) power cables of 1m length each one. MSRP for just one is €2500 therefore this a great discount!!

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