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Despite all the down-to-earthness of an entry-level model – this ambitious headphone amplifier will open up a whole new world of musical enjoyment to you. The Rhinelander stands fully in the hig...
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 ID 71042 DYNAUDIO DM 3/7 FLOORSTAN...  £849
The Dynaudio DM 3/7 floor standing speakers are one of the finest floor-standing loudspeaker offerings in its price range. This latest Dynaudio DM series model features two 6.7 inch (17 cm) MSP (magne...
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 ID 71041 DYNAUDIO AUDIENCE 52SE BO...  £500
The Dynaudio Audience 52se, as the model 42, is a further development of its justly renown and award winning predecessor, the Audience 50. The 52se not only improved on the high performance standard o...
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 ID 71040 CYRUS DAB 8.0 TUNER QUART...  £350
The Cyrus DAB 8.0 tuner is not only extremely convenient to use, but is also a top quality DAB radio with state-of-the-art features, allowing you to record your favourite radio shows. Everyone has bec...
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The advanced Cyrus 8vs amplifier is the latest development of the internationally acclaimed Cyrus integrated amplifier family. Given a top quality source the Cyrus 8vs will paint a truly 3 dimensional...
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 ID 70123 ARCAM FMJ A32 AMPLIFIER B...  £895
The a32 is the best ever integrated amplifier from Arcam. It is designed to deliver exceptional sonic performance without sacrificing flexibility or ease of use. The fmj a32 uses state-of-the-art audi...
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 ID 69062 TANNOY PRECISION 6.4 FLOO...  £1150
For full-scale music and movie reproduction with life-like dynamics, the Precision 6.4 is the flagship floor-standing loudspeaker in the Precision range. This grand design combines the detailed imagin...
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 ID 68136 REGA PLANAR 2 BLACK (PRE-...  £350
The brand new RB220 tonearm supplied with the Planar 2 uses ultra-low friction, zero play ball bearings that are designed by Rega themselves. The bearings are housed in a stiffer, more lightweight bod...
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 ID 66671 CYRUS 82 DAC QX AMPLIFIER...  £1395
The Cyrus 82 DAC QX is an excellent performing integrated amplifier. Designed to excel, this element is a perfect acquaintance for the CD t or CD Xt Signature. Scalable designed, the Cyrus 82 DAC Q...
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The Cyber series of fixed frame Projection screens offer the ultimate in uniformly flat projection surface. Ideal for permanent more dedicated cinema rooms, the fixed frame screen gives a true cinemat...
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Elac FS 189 Floorstanding Speakers (Cherry) (Pair) For natural, high-quality sound, the developers at ELAC have gone for technical features such as ELAC`s highly praised JET tweeters, ELAC`s tried ...
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