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 ID 56180 LINN LINGO-3  £990
Linn Lingo-3 LP12 Power Supply Akurate specification LP12 motor power supply Offers electronic control of 33 & 45 RPM Black fascia in "As New" condition Serial no. 1441385 (Aug 2017)...
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 ID 55817 LINN AKURATE-DSM  £4350
Linn Akurate-DSM Streamer/Pre-Amp Purchased in August 2017, so effectively "As New" Absolutely perfect condition in Black Network, analogue (inc. MC/MM phono), digital and HDMI connectivi...
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 ID 55816 LINN AKUBARIK  £5995
Linn Akubarik Loudspeakers Passive crossover versions 5-way Floor Standing design with bottom firing Isobarik bass loading 3K Array with black surround Hi-gloss walnut finish (NB the hi-gloss fini...
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 ID 55815 LINN AKURATE DSM  £4445
Linn Akurate-DSM Streamer/Pre-Amp Perfect condition in Black Network, analogue (inc. MC/MM phono), digital and HDMI connectivity Analogue, digital & Exakt Link outputs c/w original packaging &...
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 ID 55814 LINN AKURATE 2200  £2500
Linn Akurate 2200 Power Amplifier Excellent condition in Black Single Ended (RCA) Analogue Inputs 4mm Binding Posts for Loudspeaker Outputs c/w 2 x Linn Black Phono interconnects & original pa...
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 ID 55813 NAIM NAITXS-2  £1490
Naim NaitXS-2 Integrated Amplifier Excellent condition 6 line level inputs inc. powered AUX2 Serial no. 413161 (Dec 2016) c/w Naim packaging and all original accessories Remainder of Naim warrant...
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 ID 55060 AUDEZE LCD-3  £1275
Audeze LCD-3 Headphones Planar magnetic drivers for better dynamics and frequency response Zebrano real wood enslosures Premium leather pads for style and durability Fazor elements Large ultra th...
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 ID 55058 NAIM NDS  £6950
Naim NDS Network player Perfect condition Serial no. 430527 (Dec 2017) UPnP, TIDAL, Spotify, USB, iRadio and 3 no. digital inputs Requires external power supply such as XPS-DR, 555PS-DR or, better...
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Bryston BUC-1 USB to S/PDIF Converter 24bit/192kHz Asynchronous USB-B Input BNC, RCA & AES/EBU S/PDIF outputs 230Vac operation with internal linear power supply Suitable for use with PC & ...
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Naim NAC252 Pre-Amplifier Excellent condition One owner - sold by ourselves originally Serial no. 385107 (Feb 2015) This Pre-Amp requires a SuperCap power supply to operate c/w original packaging...
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Naim SuperCap-DR Power Supply Perfect condition One owner - sold by ourselves originally Serial no. 377889 (Oct 2014) The power supply for NAC252 and many other Naim pre-amps, phono stages, crosso...
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