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Special Offer Equipment View: Helius designs > Viridia Omega Silver Product: Viridia Omega Silver Manufacturer: Helius designs Description: our demo unit very little use full warranty app...
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Special Offer Equipment View: Clearaudio > Innovation TT3 Product: Innovation TT3 Manufacturer: Clearaudio Description: our demo unit very little use full warranty boxed with all accessor...
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 ID 63195 TRANSCRIPTORS T6 RB300  £649
Special Offer Equipment View: Transcriptors Limited > T6 with REGA RB300 Product: T6 with REGA RB300 Manufacturer: Transcriptors Limited Description: super looking deck new bearing and pu...
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 ID 63194 ROKSAN XERXES SME309 EMT ...  £1499
Special Offer Equipment View: Roksan Audio > Xerxes SME309 TU2 Product: Xerxes SME309 TU2 Manufacturer: Roksan Audio Description: lovely combo from the 1990s boxed and serviced Comments:...
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Special Offer Equipment View: Well Tempered lab > RIAA Product: RIAA Manufacturer: Well Tempered lab Description: as new in box with PSU less than year old Comments: immaculate MM phon...
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 ID 62208 LECONTOURE STABILE160  £1999
Special Offer Equipment View: Lecontoure > Stabile160 Product: Stabile160 Manufacturer: Lecontoure Description: one of the best floor standing speaker out there Comments: designed by L...
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Special Offer Equipment View: Naim Audio > Headline Product: Headline Manufacturer: Naim Audio Description: headphone amplifier 2003 one owner from new DIN version requires PSU Comments:...
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 ID 61979 MAGNEPLANAR 3.7  £2999
Special Offer Equipment View: Magneplanar > MG3.7 Product: MG3.7 Manufacturer: Magneplanar Description: in immaculate condition boxed awesome sounding ribbon planar Comments: boxed wit...
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 ID 61973 NAIM AUDIO NAC82  £899
Special Offer Equipment View: Naim Audio > NAC82 Product: NAC82 Manufacturer: Naim Audio Description: preamplifier with s board from 2000 and napst Comments: TSP: £N/A MAX O...
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 ID 61921 AVALON SYMBOL  £2999
Special Offer Equipment View: Avalon Acoustics > Symbol Product: Symbol Manufacturer: Avalon Acoustics Description: Brand new and unused in maple wood Comments: Outstanding pair of spe...
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Special Offer Equipment View: Audio Research > Reference 75SE Product: Reference 75SE Manufacturer: Audio Research Description: our demo unit immaculate with full warranty Comments: ...
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