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 ID 44267 Tiger Paw Linn Khan Top Plat...  £495 
Top face is in excellent condition. Hidden side has some very minor small discoloration marks. One of the shaped washers has been replaced with a standard washer which works fine.
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 ID 44266 Tangerine Naim Linn Plateau Su...  £985 
This has the Naim ARO Arm Board. Giving Keel level performance. In fantastic condition. £1,700 new. I don't have the original packaging but it will be carefully packed.
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 ID 44117 Sony Ps 6750   
I am on the lookout for a Sony PS 6750 direct drive turntable. Preferably in the North East of England or willing to ship.
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 ID 44091 Kenwood Kp-1100 Or Kp-9010 Kd-...   
I am after a service manual with schematics or the schematics by themselves for either a Kenwood KP-1100 KD-1100 or KP-9010 KD-9010 turntable from what I have read they were both the same electronica...
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 ID 44085 Basis Debut Gold Standard ( Sm...  £2245 
Basis Debut Gold Standard turntable in excellent condition easily matches SME stable... £10,000 for a current model! Includes two arm boards ( were £500 each! ) designed with SME mount s...
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 ID 44023 Linn Rega Arm Board  £40.00 
Rega three point fixing arm board in mint condition. Secondhand
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 ID 43960 Acoustic Signature Primus **ne...  £995 
The stunning new Acoustic Signature Primus. RRP £1,295 This is literally a plug and play turntable coming with a Gunther modified RB202 tonearm and Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. The turntable arri...
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 ID 43928 G. A Audio Glass Sound Disc  £40.00 
NOS G.A. Audio Soundisc 3.75mm Glass Turntable Mat Upgrade This is a glass turntable/record deck platter. It is used to add extra weight (640g of mass) and therefore add more speed and rotation...
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 ID 43922 Project Essential 2  £100 
Project Essential 2 Turntable, Black. 10 months old - very good condition.
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 ID 43903 Manticore Mantra  £300 
Manticore Mantra belt drive turntable, 1985/6 vintage, Rosewood finish, Rega 300 arm, AT120E cartridge. C/W lid (non original). Often d as the "poor man's Linn Sondek" :) Uses a heavy...
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 ID 43830 Saindec Plinths For Linn Lp12 ...  £699-749 
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 ID 43755 Linn Sondek Lp12  £775 
Linn Sondek LP12 in full working order. Serial number 039819 and fitted with Linn Basik LV X arm and A&R P77 cartridge. Comes with smoked lid but hinges have broken. Also the arm docking clip has ...
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 ID 43728 Vpi Tnt 2.5 Tri-planar Iv Vpi...  £3750 
Enter the high end with this classic combination
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