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 ID 44418 Tellurium Ultra Black   
Wanted Tellurium ultra black speaker cables, factory terminated and 2.5 m or more in length.
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 ID 44385 Russ Andrews Kimber Crystal ...  £195 
Russ andrews crystal 24 (kimber 12 tc) speaker cable, 1m pair with kimber banana plugs (rrp £325) with additional super burn in (£100) and deep cryogenic (£25) treatments. mint condi...
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 ID 44362 Transparent Musicwave Super Sp...  €749 
One pair of Transparent MusicWave Super speaker cables in a fantastic condition. The length is 3,0 metre and they are terminated with the original spade connectors. The original box is included. Se...
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 ID 44361 Kharma Matrix Reference Speake...  €699 
One pair of Kharma Matrix Reference (KLC-MR-1a) speaker cables in a fantastic condition. The length is 2,0 metre and they are terminated with the original spade connectors. The original bag is include...
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 ID 44269 Analysis Plus Black Oval 9  £200 
Analysis Plus Black Oval 9 Speaker Cable 8ft Stereo Pair (not Black Mesh version). Terminated Bananas at amp, Spades at speaker. Boxed in perfect condition. rrp: £500 Great cable which gets...
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 ID 44262 Jps Aluminata Jumpers   
Wanted to buy a pair of Aluminata jumpers banana to banana
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 ID 44240 Analysis Plus Silver Oval Spea...  €599 
One pair of Analysis Plus Silver Oval speaker cables with a length of 2x2,5 metre. They are terminated with the original spade connectors and the original box is included. Retail price is 1.250 eur...
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 ID 44209 Van Den Hul The Third  €835 
This is for 1.0m stero pair. Never used brand new in original box. Some letters on the jacket are faded due to age.
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 ID 44200 Silent Wire Serie Referenz  €5000 
MSRP: €8000 + 4x0,20 Biwire adaptor €2100= €10.100 There's a minor damage at the end of one cable that can be easily fixed by a tech or self if able to solder!!
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 ID 44198 Van Den Hul Cs 122 - Hybrid Sp...  £60 
Van den Hul CS 122 Hybrid Speaker cable 2 x 3.0m - single wire Multi- Award Winning cable "The combination of The WAVE interconnects and the CS-122 Hybrid speaker cable has been chosen group w...
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 ID 44197 Chord Company Odyssey 2  £95 
Chord Odyssey 2 speaker cables 4.0m pair, unterminated Excellent condition
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 ID 44196 Cello (designed By Mark Levins...  £450 
A pair of 5.8 meters length speaker cable - terminated with banana plugs - VERY RARE These are the original Cello String cables used in the Cello hi-end systems designed by Mark Levinson. Lovely...
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 ID 44193 Lfd Audio Grainfree Biwire  £300.00 
3m LFD Audio Grainfree Biwire with additional option of LFD Audio solid copper gold plated spade connectors on the speaker end of the cable. PCCOCC Copper construction with special stranded for the ba...
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