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Pre-Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 54818 Audio Research Ds Pre  £3500 
DS Pre Silver Faceplate & Silver Handles. Similar to LS27 with DAC8 board included. Original Box, CD Dac Drivers and includes optional aluminium Remote. Wonderful sound from Analogue and Digital s...

 ID 54810 Classe 6b Preamp With Internal...  £1250 
T​his used to rival an Audio Research/Krell Very good phonostage in the preamp. Pre owned HiFi Stock List www.emporiumhifi.com/pages/pre-owned-hifi-list.html

 ID 54785 Bryston Bp25 Mps2 Psu  £2100.00 
Bryston BP25 pre + external power supply.Virtually mint condition & only one very careful owner.

 ID 54783 Townshend Audio Allegri + (plu...  £1650 
Unrivalled sound quality with crystal clear treble, open mid-band and subterranean bass Ultra high end performance in a small package Purely passive Autotransformer design wired throughout with F...

 ID 54769 Karan Acoustics Ka L Mk3 Line ...  £2990 
Karan Acoustics KA L Mk3 Line Preamplifier Pre owned RRP: £6,995 The true differential (balanced) preamplifier KA L Mk3 is developed for advanced audiophiles. Packed into a nice high gauge alu...

 ID 54752 Music First Audio Baby Referen...  £3995 
Music First Audio Baby Reference Pre-Amplifier Less than a year old. In absolutely as new condition. Looks new and unused. Comes in a sturdy flight case along with the user manual. The Baby R...

 ID 54746 Musical Fidelity A1 Fbp  £575 
Mint Condition 2 box pre amp. Fully boxed with manual original leads. 575 ono. Check out the Hi Fi World review if you want to know how good this is, and or welcome to dem.

 ID 54727 Technics Su 9070 Pro Series Pr...  £395 
SU-9070 Pro Series Preamp Well known among vintage collectors the SU7090 Was designed for studios with its robust 19" rack mount and outstanding phono stage input for both moving magnets and mov...

 ID 54726 Cambridge Audio C100 Pre-amp  £95 
Another Classic Cambridge Audio C100 good working order bargain pre with built-in phono stage £95

 ID 54725 Nakamichi Ca5 Preamplifier  £400 
Rare Nakamichi CA5 Preamplifier with excellent built-in moving magnet moving coil phono stage a Classic Nelsson Pass Design £400

 ID 54719 Pioneer Reference C 90 Preampl...  £495 
Pioneer Reference C 90 Control amplifier In excellent condition piano lacquer finish with rosewood cheeks upgraded Cardas RCA Connectors and mains filter By the Renowned Jan Lewinski this is a stunnin...

 ID 54661 Noteworthy Audio Phonote Mm Mc...  £1750 
Excellent with original packaging. Pre owned hifi stock list: www.emporiumhifi.com/pages/pre-owned-hifi-list.html

 ID 54657 Meridian G01 Preamp With Msr &...  £1000 
Couple light marks Boxed Pre owned hifi stock list: www.emporiumhifi.com/pages/pre-owned-hifi-list.html

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