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 ID 43394 Shunyata Python Ztron Series P...  €1495 
Demo: 3x Shunyata Python Ztron Series power cord complete with Box. Length: 1.75 Condition: Like New Serial numbers: 3333 – 3934 – 3915 Retails €2.490 Now €1.495 Price...
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 ID 43378 Okutsu Denko Prestige  £675.00 
Power cables 1.5m long made in Japan with air-dielectric. Air is the best dielectric in such cables and it took the Company years of research to develop their optimum method of construction. The conne...
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 ID 43376 Audio Tekne X  £320.00 
The original type of power cable from Audio Tekne Japan which is woven. Three cables available each 0.85m fitted with Oyaide P-046 connectors. Payment in UK£320 each. Please email only, I do ...
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 ID 43355 Fadel Art Reference One Power ...  €1199 
One Fadel Art Reference One power cable in a very good condition. The length is 1,5 metre and it is terminated with the original EU connectors. Please check my other items. Free shipment worldwide!...
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 ID 43336 Kondo Acz Avocado Silver Power...  €1999 
Brand new, never used. One Kondo ACz Avocado Silver power cable with a length of 2,0 metre (the current version). I took it out of the packaging for taking pictures only. The box and certificate card ...
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 ID 43334 Stealth Audio Dream V16 Uni Po...  €3299 
Brand new, never used. One Stealth Audio Dream V16 UNI power cable with a length of 1,5 metre (the current version). This UNI version is suitable for all audio gear (amplifiers, digital gear and power...
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 ID 43263 Lfd Audio Silicon Mains Cable  £195.00 
LFD Audio 1.5m Silicon Mains Cable, Excellent sounding cable with Rhodium plated Oyaide IEC and standard MK Tough Plug. Ex/Dem Was £300.00
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 ID 43236 Shunyata Research King Cobra 1...  £1290 
King Cobra power cable US plug and 13Amp socket, boxed with bag and original papers. See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk
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 ID 43181 Electraglide Synapses 1 Power ...  €499 
One ElectraGlide Synapses #1 power cable in a fantastic condition. It is terminated with the original EU connectors and the length is 1,5 metre. Serial number is 1010. Please check my other item...
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 ID 43179 Electraglide Ultra Khan The St...  €499 
Three ElectraGlide Ultra Khan The Statement "R" power cables in a fantastic condition. They are terminated with the original EU connectors and the length of all three is 1,8 metre. Serial...
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 ID 43096 Naim Hydra 7  £225 
Naim made 7 head Hydra mains arrangement with Crabtree plug
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 ID 43082 Silent Wire Ac 38 1,5m  €2000 
This sale is for two(2) power cables of 1,5m length each. MSRP for each one is €2000 so this offer is at 50% off!!
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 ID 43081 Silent Wire Referenz  €3000 
This sale is for two(2) power cables of 2.5m length each one. MSRP for just one is €3000 therefore this is at 50%off!!
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