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 ID 42082 Furutech Piezo Powerflux Alpha...  €1299 
One Furutech Piezo Powerflux Alpha PS-950-18 power cable in a fantastic condition. It is terminated with the original EU connectors and the length is 1,8 metre. The original box is included. Retail...
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 ID 42081 Furutech Piezo Powerflux Alpha...  €1599 
Brand new in box, never used. One Furutech Piezo Powerflux Alpha PS-950-18 power cable with the original EU connectors. I took it out of the box for taking pictures only. The length is 1,8 metre and t...
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 ID 42045 Audioquest Nrg-4 Low Distortio...  £190 
AudioQuest NRG-4 Low Distortion power cable 1.8m w/ IEC - Ex-demo Original box and packaging Excellent condition RRP: £299
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 ID 41951 Tara Labs Rsc Air Reference Ac...  €430 
For sale power cable Tara Labs RSC AIR Reference AC, length 1,8m (6ft) .Very good condition. Original packaging.
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 ID 41940 Russ Andrews Yello Figure Of 8...  £35 
Russ Andrews Yello Figure of 8 Power cable 1m - Pre owned RRP: £70 No original packaging Condition 8/10
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 ID 41907 Triode Wirelabs American Ten P...  £250 
Superb Triode Wirelabs 10 plus power cable . Terminated with Furutech 1363 (G) UK plug . Willing to sell minus the UK plug , if selling overseas ? Please contact me .
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 ID 41890 Furutech Reference Iii  £750 
1.8m length of Furutech Reference III mains cable, fitted with Furutech FI 250 20 amp, but can be swapped for a 10 amp(carbon fibre IEC worth over £200) and of course a 1363 Furutech UK plug Rin...
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 ID 41885 Lfd Audio Silicon Mains Cable  £195.00 
LFD Audio 1.5m Silicon Mains Cable, Excellent sounding cable with Rhodium plated Oyaide IEC and standard MK Tough Plug. Ex/Dem Was £300.00
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 ID 41862 Iso Tek 1.5 Metre Premium Uk P...  £65.00 
Isotek 1.5 Metre Premium mains cable UK Plug version. This is fully shielded cable to protect against EMI and RFI interference. See video on link for further information. I bought this with my ISO T...
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 ID 41801 Wireworld Wireworld Silver Ele...  £620 
Hello. I am selling my 2 power cables - 1. WIREWORLD SILVER ELECTRA 7 POWER CABLE in 2 Meter long. 2. WIREWORLD SILVER ELECTRA 7 POWER CABLE in 1.5 Meter long. They both have a molded Euro/Ger...
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 ID 41800 Wireworld Silver Electra 7-1.5...  £450 
Hello. I am selling my - WIREWORLD SILVER ELECTRA 7 POWER CABLE in 1.5 Meter long with the best plugs ever assembled on the both sides - OCC silver - It has OCC Euro plug. And OCC IEC plug. Wireworl...
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 ID 41783 Sablon Audio Gran Corona  €465 
For sale great power cord Sablon Audio Gran Corona, Original Oyaide EU schuko, and Oyaide IEC 004 .Length 1,5 m in a very good condition.
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 ID 41772 Shunyata Research King Cobra 1...  £1290 
King Cobra power cable US plug and 13Amp socket, boxed with bag and original papers. See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk
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