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Kelvin Labs Integrated
Details & Specifications
I have a Kelvin Labs Integrated amplifier (18W class A from memory) for sale. The amp has been sat in my attic (covered up) for the past +10 years in some hope that I might once again put it to good use. I think its finally come time to sell it though. I can confirm that its working well.

I have made a few modifications-

Changed the volume pot to an audio grade ALPs pot and bypassed the balance pot (from memory this worked the opposite way to that expected and was more of a micro balance)

Changed the CD input phono sockets to gold plated mount types as the default ones are recessed and so some of my phono plugs wouldn’t connect properly

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Manufacturer  Kelvin Labs
Model  Integrated
Condition 6/10
Accept payment by bank fast payment or cash
Will send by parcel force
Will send to same country only
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Tel 07973380223
ad insertion date 09:03:2016
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PRICE £300
Tel - 07973380223

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