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Linn Klimax DSM Streamer Pre-Amp Solid aluminium casework in Anodised Silver Dynamik power supply Ethernet, HDMI, Analogue & Digital Inputs RCA & Balanced XLR Pre-amp Outputs And it has E...
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 ID 46311 LINN KLIMAX TWIN  £4650
Linn Klimax Twin Power Amplifier Solid aluminium casework in Anodised Silver 200W Chakra Stereo Amplifier Dynamik power supply RCA Phono or Balanced XLR Inputs WBT Binding Post Speaker Connection...
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PMC Fact-8 Loudspeakers Floor Standing Design Graphite poplar finish in good condition A couple of unfortunate minor knocks to the LH side of one cabinet, otherwise in perfect condition Superb des...
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Naim n-Sat Loudspeakers Serial no. 226160 (2005) Maple veneer finish in very good condition 2-way infinite baffle design Both bass drivers have been replaced by ourselves with Naim supplied drive ...
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 ID 45760 NAIM NAP155XS POWER AMPLI...  £1150
Naim NAP155XS Power Amplifier Perfect condition - nearly new too!!! Serial no. 416261 (Feb 2017) Perfect match with the NAC152XS pre-amplifier c/w original packaging & accessories Near enough...
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 ID 45754 ROKSAN OXYGENE-30  £1500
Roksan Oxygene-30 Turntable Fitted with Project 9CC Evolution tonearm Utilises a 4-piece multi-section isolated plinth Supplied with the Roksan XPS-7 power supply c/w original packaging and access...
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 ID 45579 NEAT MOMENTUM SX5I  £2950
Neat Momentum SX5i Loudspeakers Bottom firing Iso-baric loaded design Neat's own SXT inverted dome tweeter Single wired crossover terminals Finished in natural oak veneer c/w original packagi...
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 ID 45314 ROKSAN RADIUS7  £1450
Roksan Radius 7 Turntable Stunning looks and superb sound New updated power supply with switchable 33/45rpm selection c/w Roksan Nima unipivot tonearm NB no cartridge is included in advertsised pr...
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 ID 45312 NAIM NAC152XS  £990
Naim NAC152XS Pre-Amplifier Excellent condition Serial no. 396297 (Oct 2015) Six analogue inputs Upgradable with external power supplies such as FlatCapXS Perfect match with the NAP155XS power am...
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Naim NDX Network player Excellent condition Serial no. 396392 (Oct 2015) UPnP, TIDAL, Spotify, USB, iRadio, Bluetooth and 3 no. digital inputs Upgrade with an external power supply such as XPS-DR ...
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 ID 45308 NAIM NAP200 POWER AMPLIFI...  £1725
Naim NAP200-DR Power Amplifier Serial no. 398660 (Dec 2016) Excellent condition Utilises DR power supply technology Superb match with any Naim pre-amp c/w original packaging & accessories Re...
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