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For sale a pair Crystal Cable ARABESQUE MINISSIMO in Pearl white from 01/2015, in perfect condition, fully complete. Priced at the Highend Broker 4000 euro*. For more information visit our homepa...
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 ID 47317 SOULUTION 501 MONOBLOCKS ...  €18750
For sale a new pair Soulution 501 Mono blocks (new old stock) now available for a great price due to the new model. The 501 are never unpacked and available in 110v or 230/240v. They come incl 3 year ...
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 ID 46699 DCS VIVALDI - EX DEMO FUL...  €47795
For sale a dCS Vivaldi transport, dac, clock and upsampler all in black ex demo in mint condition fully complete. Priced at the Highend Broker 44500 usd** or 39500 euro* export price or 47795 euro...
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 ID 46579 PASS LABS XA 160 - PERFE...  €8500
For sale a pair of Pass XA 160 mono power amplifiers: mint condition, low hours, first owner; During the latest experts check-up standard plastic speaker terminals have been replaced by full metal te...
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 ID 46429 DCS VERDI LA SCALA - NEW ...  €2250
For sale a dCS Verdi Lascala with recent new driver anbd transport, fully checked and afterwards only used for 20 hours all in perfect condition, with original flightcase. Priced at the Highend Broke...
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 ID 46411 GRYPHON MEPHISTO STEREO -...  €28500
For sale a Gryphon Mephisto stereo amplifier about 3 years old, in mint condition, fully complete manual aluminum flight case little hours of use Priced at the Highend Broker 32000 usd** or 28500...
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 ID 46263 MC INTOSH C500P + C500C -...  €5700
For sale a two chassis McIntosh C500P + C500C in Excellent/mint condition, complete with original package. Sold by the first owner who bought them I 2016. Priced at the Highend Broker 6400 usd** or...
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For sale a pair Marten Coltrane Momento in cherry finish, 3.5 years old with the latest Accuton diamond tweeter in mint condition incl wooden crates and pucks. The retail price for the speaker is 1540...
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 ID 46182 DARTZEEL NHB-108 - NEW  €12500
For sale a new (old stock) Dartzeel NHB-108, custom ordered with black front, new in box, never openend with 2 years warranty. Priced at the Highend Broker 13800 usd** or 12500 euro* export price ...
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 ID 46159 ABSOLARE PASSION 845 SING...  €19900
For sale a pair Absolare Passion 845 single ended signature monoblocks in mint condition. Inclusive hard to find NOS tubes RCA and Sylvania plus 2x 845 PS Vane pro monoblock, the tubes are used max 20...
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 ID 46051 AYRE D-1 CD/DVD TRANSPORT...  €2000
For sale a legendary Ayre D-1 DVD-Video/CD transport - it is a digital audio transport only (without DAC) - it plays really great CD and 24-bit/96kHz DVD 2-channel discs, equipped with basic video o...
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