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 ID 51920 CYRUS 8DAC  £1299
It has impeccable timing and works with ruthless efficiency, determined to deliver every ounce of detail from a recording. No note is allowed to wander free, and dynamics are controlled brilliantly...
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FraimLite, the entry-level model in the Fraim range, provides the perfect equipment support system for Naim and other hi-fi equipment.
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If you seek a serious sounding entry-level phono stage, look no further than Edwards Audio’s Apprentice MM
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The Chord Cadenza Reference is a pseudo-balanced cable design using twin silver-plated oxygen free copper signal and return conductors. The Cadenza Reference brings music so vividly to life by using u...
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 ID 51474 MELCO N1ZH 6GB BLACK  £2995
The Melco N1ZH HDD Music Library offers music lovers the first storage system optimised for high resolution audio. Designed from the beginning as an audiophile component it is brimming with audiophile...
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What can I say about these classic DYNAUDIO SR high performance mini monitors voiced for on wall use, for many the finest ever made, a very rare breed indeed.They have terrific top to bottom openess c...
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 ID 46045 DYNAVECTOR DV-20X2L  £729
This is a powerful, precise, revealing and open cartridge that warrants hi-res ancillaries, but will work a treat in any respectable turntable. In other words, the search for a Dynavector that we don&...
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 ID 46002 NAIM XPS DR  £3056
The XPS DR is a simple and very effective upgrade for various Naim components such as CDX2,Nac-N272,DAC,NDS,NDX,ND5xs and the HDX The gains are noticed particularly in superior reolution and a wider d...
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 ID 46001 NAIM NAP 200DR  £1728
This When partnered with the Nac202 pre-amp gives a lovely detailed and foot tapping sound even at higher levels,it is rated at 70wpc but will drive many speakers with ease coping at 2ohms for long st...
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 ID 46000 NAIM NAP 250DR  £2944
This Naim power-amplifier first saw the light of day way back in 1975 and delights with muscular thunderous power,now upgraded with DR technology from the instantly legendary Statement amplifier.The N...
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 ID 45999 NAIM NAC282 INC NAPSC  £3590
A very musical sounding Pre-amp supplied with the Nap SC PS wich independently powers the 282's digital and control circuits leaving its audio circuits to either power supply of a NAC 155 XS or NA...
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