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HiFi Accessories on HiFi Forsale
 ID 49895 Kemp Elektronics Ke-sns Shunt ...  £50 
1 X Kemp KE-SNS shunt filter device similar to the RA one, but better. I think they retail around £125 so a bargain

 ID 49821 Synergistic Research Ect’s  £240 
New 5 x ECT

 ID 49820 Synergistic Research Internal ...  £75 
New T500ma internal fuse

 ID 49819 Synergistic Research Xot  £299 
New never used

 ID 49818 Vertex Aq Hirez Jaya  £850 
As new ex demo top spec jaya with Original packaging

 ID 49752 Psvane We 300b Classic Replica...  €1250 
Four matched Psvane WE 300B Classic Replica tubes in a fantastic condition. Used for 250 hours only, so not yet burned in. They have the same exceptional performance as the legendary Western Electric ...

 ID 49668 Sound Mechanics Mc88  £45 
Set of 3 tuning support cones for HiFi components. Each wood cone is filled with a different mix of metallic sands which dissipate different spectrums of energy,

 ID 49638 Herbie's Audio Usa Pair (2...  £45 
The best power valve dampers available.The RX-65's fit most 300B's.You can check the details and compatibility on Herbie's website (link below).I bought these direct.As regards pricing if ...

 ID 49367 Mullard M8136 Ecc82 New Old St...  £35 
Beautiful Mullard M8136/ECC82 original new old stock. In original Mullard packaging as seen in the photo. Tested but unused. £35 per unit and 4 available.

 ID 49246 Hifi Tuning Supreme 3, 4a Slo-...  €45 
For sale fuse Hifi Tuning Supreme 3, 4A slo-blo, 6,3x32 mm.Price incl. shipment.

 ID 49184 Philips Is5021  £99 
Philips Sound Enhancer: sample rate converter. A/D & D/A converter

 ID 49180 Lux Power Transformer S 1747  £120 
Carefully removed from Lux Corp. Japan's costly valve power amp -model No. KMQ 60- a large power tranny in perfect condition and working order. also offers for 4 output tubes- 50 CA 10-for this a...

 ID 49178 Parmeko Pair El34 British Main...  £50 
Both work O.K.-no shorts or overheating.0-120v,0-120v(= 240v mains input), 0-250, 325, 400v HT taps-ac @160mA DC,5v@2A,6.3v@4A each TX. Price is for the pair.

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